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The world of options trading can be quite complex and confusing. The Silicon Valley Options Group (SVOG) is here to help you successfully navigate this exciting approach to generating income and investing.

At the end of 2021, the Silicon Valley Options Group (SVOG), the San Francisco Bay Area Options Group (SFBAOG), and TOPS (Trading Options for ProfitS) agreed to merge, forming the premier non-profit trading education and community in the San Francisco Bay Area. In existence for over 20 years with hundreds of years of collective trading experience, these three groups offer the best of the best in an environment for sharing trading experiences, expertise, and information allowing attendees to quickly learn the ins and outs of options trading and trading in general.

SVOG is a 501(c)(3) California non-profit tax-exempt public benefit corporation since 2009 (Tax ID is 26-4096202 and California corporation number is C3106764).

A volunteer Board of Directors and staff manage SVOG; it is supported by voluntary contributions.

The corporate address for SVOG is:

Office of the President
1429 Oak Avenue
Los Altos, CA 94024

SVOG meets monthly and is open to all traders.

Merging Organizations

At the end of 2021, the Silicon Valley Options Group (SVOG), San Francisco Bay Area Options Group (SFBAOG), and the Trading Options for ProfitS (TOPS) group merged to form the premier Bay Area options organization.  All three organizations are consolidated under the SVOG non-profit registration.  By leveraging the joint experiences and resources, the new SVOG looks to better serve the community of traders and deliver the best programs and experiences toward meeting the needs of traders, from novices to experts alike.  


The growing need in America today is for individuals to be more involved in the management of their investment accounts, which creates a need for real information on how to manage and trade financial markets beyond the marketing and hype. The primary purpose for which this non-profit corporation was formed is to provide an educational environment where the general public interested in stocks, options, and financial market trading can gather to exchange educational information among themselves and with industry experts.  Individuals who wish to expand their knowledge about the stock, options, and financial markets can learn by association with other people trading in these markets. Our intent is share and educate, it IS NOT our purpose to provide market (trading) advice, nor is it an environment to collect or pool money to trade the market for a common gain.  Ultimately, it is about real traders helping other traders become successful through sharing and lending a hand to those wanting to learn.


One of the most valuable services that we provide is a forum for traders to meet other people with similar objectives. We achieve our goal by providing monthly meetings and other events, open to the general public. Meeting and event schedules are posted on our website in a best effort manner. We plan to provide a website with trading information, discussion forums and pointers to other websites of interest (a work in progress). Meeting activities vary from month to month depending on the desires and needs of the attendees. Meetings include anything from presentations by subject matter experts to informal discussions on how to successfully invest or trade in financial markets. Special meetings are created as needed to meet unique opportunities, such as, hosting a reduced cost or free event with a subject matter expert, or a workshop to focus on specific trading skills. In addition, we work to build relationships with other organizations in an effort to further meet our mission objectives.


Sources of funds and fundraising activities consist of: (a) voluntary contributions from attendees at our regular and special meetings; (b) non exclusive corporate sponsorships; (c) proceeds from any copyrighted educational material that we produce to support our educational goals; (d) proceeds from any special subject matter expert seminars or workshops that we host; and (e) sales of logo/trademark materials. All funding sources are to support the purpose and activities of SVOG.

Dennis Wong - President

Dennis Wong is a full-time trader and retired Fortune 500 executive. He has a BSEE from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Santa Clara. His background has been in systems design, product management, marketing, and business & corporate strategy. He started trading equities in 2002 and options in 2005. His favorite strategy was the butterfly but has since moved to trading directionally during the long bull market and short term bear markets. Dennis is a high volume, technical momentum trader and is experienced with both directional and theta decay trading.

Gavin Hollinger -Secretary

Jonathan Wong - Treasurer

Jonathan Wong has a degree in business administration from San Francisco State University and over 25 years of experience in IT management, data center and technology development, implementations, and operations. He has deployed and integrated critical technology solutions around the world for the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, NASA and several commercial enterprises including Solectron, Alta Vista, Rational Software, IBM, MetLife, Opsware, and HP. He began trading stocks in 2000 and started actively trading in options in 2020.

Other Board Members

John Chernicky

PJ Scardino

Robert Schmidt

Kurt Schwarz

Warren Wong

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